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jobs cover

💼 jobs

Feb 2022Apr 2022

We're here to make hiring a little easier. Let's give it a try.

ESPIDA cover

👕 Espida Clothing

Oct 2021Jan 2022

a HYBRID dynamic + static Gatsby e-commerce site using Shopify to manage our product data and orders! cover


May 2021Aug 2021

My Jamstack website and my digital garden that helps people learn Javascript and front-end development.

King-Slices cover

🍕 king slices

Apr 2021May 2021

A website for a local pizza. We source the best local products to build you pizzas, lasagnas, panzerotti, and pasta that are delicious and unique.

Instagram-Clone cover

📸 instagram clone

Dec 2020Apr 2021

Instagram clone is our pre-built social media app software that helps entrepreneurs to build an Instagram-like app.

React-Shop cover

🛍️ react shop

May 2020Dec 2020

Discover the latest fashion trends with React-Shop. Shop the new collection of clothing, footwear, accessories, beauty products, and more.

COVID19-Tracker cover

🦠 covid19 tracker

Apr 2020May 2020

Get the latest COVID-19 data for your province or territory. Track the global spread of coronavirus with maps and updates on cases and deaths around the world.

SaveMyContacts cover

📱 save my contacts

Mar 2020Mar 2020

A free M E R N application to store your contacts. I created this app to learn more about React, Material-UI, and MongoDB.

Github-User-Search cover

github search

Feb 2020Mar 2020

An app where you can search for GitHub users with their username and see their account information using the GitHub API.